Hi! I'm a creative with a passion and focus in product design.

"Design is so simple, that's why it's complicated." -Paul Rand

 Design is simple. It is intentional. Every interaction, every color, and every typography choice is made to create a delightful experience for another. Design is complicated. Art can be an extension of yourself but design is selfless. It is always about how your decisions will resonate and affect others. It is the reason I embody Dieter Rams' Principles of Design in all of my work. 

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Good design doesn't just happen. It is a process of discovering and gaining an understanding of complex human behavior while having a creative mind to bring to life a product that is loved. It is taking the time to set aside your assumptions and put the needs of others first to create experiences that are valuable, intuitive, and impactful.


Some of my recent work

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Daily UI Challenge: Nike Cryptocurrency cHECKOUT

I'm working on completing the 100 days of UI challenge. I've been designing in the cryptocurrency space for a few months and wanted to create a checkout experience for using Ethereum and Bitcoin as payment.


Healthy medical Press & Media Kit

Healthly Medical (name changed for  confidentiality) is a med-tech company that focuses on advocating for healthcare organizations being able to improve healthcare through management software via use of Ethereum based currency.